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Tianjin Tourism Information

Tianjin, one of China’s four municipalities directly under the Central Government, is the largest opening coastal city in North China, one of the National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in China, as well as a member of the first group of the outstanding tourist cities of China. Tianjin is located in northeast part of the North China Plain and the center of Bohai-Rim, bordering the Bohai Sea in the east, leaning against the Yanshan Mountain in the north. It is only 120 kilometers from Beijing in the northwest. Tianjin covers an area of 11,760 square kilometers, with a 153-kilometer-long coastline and a total municipal population of 12,280,000.


Tianjin is rich in tourism resources. There are many types of attraction in Tianjin, including mountains, rivers, lakes, sea, springs, and wetlands. Tianjin plays a prominent role in China’s modern history and can be viewed as an epitome of modern history of China. The blend of Chinese and Western cultures forms Tianjin’s distinctive human resources.


Tianjin will gradually transform into an eco-city, an international port city as well as an economic center in North China. As a modern metropolis with a long history, profound cultural background and distinctive natural resources, Tianjin will keep the city environment clean and beautiful, highlight the characteristics of the city and provide tourists with complete facilities and better services.

Tianjin delicacy

Tianjin is rich in delicious food, and the people love eating, especially seafood, so there is a saying goes as "pawning goods for seafood is worth it". In the proverb "whitebait, purple crab and red coat are three treasures of Tianjin", both whitebait and purple crab are precious Tianjin-unique seafood.


Go-believe Steamed Buns


Address No.77 Shandong Road, Heping District

Go-believe steamed buns is among first of the three unique special foods of Tianjin. It is one of China time-honored brands with a history of more than 150 years. Go-believe steamed buns selects exquisite flour and fillings, adopts rigorous craftsmanship and owns beautiful outlook. Each Go-believe steamed bun possesses 18 folds, and the folds are well proportioned.

Tianjin Fried Dough Twist


Address Building 5, Academy of Social Sciences, Nankai District (near Water Park)

Tianjin fried dough twist is a famous dessert of Han nationality with great look and taste. More than a century ago, on the west side of Weihai River, at the south end of bustling Xiaobailou, there was a lane named Eighteen Street, where located a small Fried dough twist store named “Guifaxiang”. After repeated experiment and practices, Guifaxiang filled assorted crispy stuffing inside the two dough stripes. The ingredients include sweet-scented osmanthus, Min ginger, semen persicae and melon strips. It is twist and quite unique as assorted stuffed fried dough twist which is featured by golden, sweet and crispy. Even if you lay it aside for several months, it will never become tender and go bad. Tourists from home and abroad always buy some boxes of fried dough twist for their relatives and friends.


Gulou Commercial Pedestrian Street


Address Crossing of Chengxiang Dong Road, Nankai District.

Business Hours All day

Gulou Commercial Pedestrian Street is located in the heartland of Tianjin old city. It has multiple functions of shopping, sightseeing, entertainment and leisure. Centered on the new Gulou, the Gulou square, 81m long and 81 wide, is divided into several parts, South Street (Tianjin Custom Street), North Street (Antique & Jewelry Street) and East Street (Shopping Street). Gulou has been demolished and constructed for twice. The last reestablishment was finished in 2001. The buildings on the pedestrian street are all built in the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are decorated archway and Tianjin time-honored shops.


Quanye Chang Bazaar


Address West bank of Haihe River, Heping District

Business Hours 9:00 - 21:00

Quanye Bazaar was built in December 1928. The founder is Gao Xingqiao. It is located in the ancient French concession. In the beginning, it was named as “French Shopping Mall” and later changed to “Quanye Shopping Mall”. At that time, there are four banners inscribed the principle of Quanye Bazaar, “Suggestion to my compatriots, practice makes a man perfect. Shopping mall introduces more new products”. After the liberation of Tianjin, the business practice was developed constantly, and it became a large comprehensive shopping center in Tianjin. In 1990s, Quanye Bazaar was reconstructed and transformed. It appeared for peoples with a new appearance and became a multifunctional modern shopping mall with shopping, tourism and entertainment.

Xiaobailou 1902 European Style Street


Address Kaifeng Road, Heping District

Business Hours All day

It is located at Kaifeng Road, central area of the Small White Building Commerical Area, at neighbor of Binjiang Shopping Center. The street is 200 meter long, linking with Binjiang shopping center and Hisense Plaza. It has a unique geographical location.


Xinyang Market


Address Hebei Road, Tanggu

Business Hours All day

Located in the west of Hebei Road,Tanggu, Xinyang Market is the first imported commodity trading market in North China. Strolling here, we can find lots of new imported products. The pedestrian walkways highlight classical European style, which demonstrates the exotic culture with infinite charm attracting numerous tourists come to do shopping.


Jinle Crosstalk Tea House


Address 2/F Bottom commercial part of New Culture Garden, Rongan Avenue, Heping District

It is located in a prosperous area of Heping District. If you don’t have other arrangement with friends in the evening, you can go to the live show, which is different from that on broadcast or Internet. Particularly, it feels great to drink tea while enjoying cross talk.


Wenjin Folk Art House


Address Courtyard No.10, Tongqingli Neighborhood, Ancient Culture Street, Nankai District

Located in Tongqingli Neighborhood, Ancient Culture Street, Wenjin Folk Art House started business on September 28, 2009. Covering about 100 square meters, and holding more than 40 people, it is a franchisee of the “Association of Tianjin Crosstalk” of Tianjin crosstalk radio broadcast. It presents traditional Chinese magic show in the morning, and can also perform Tianjin clapper talk, Beijing Drum-Telling Story, Tianjin Crosstalk according to reservation of travel agency or group.


Pls see more tourism information at Tianjin Tournism Information Network

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