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F21 Qinhuangdao Jiameng Precision Technology Co.,Ltd Precision casting Exhibits
B008 Tianjin Musen Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd Industrial robot Exhibits
B177 Tianjin Xinyuan Sente Automation Co., Ltd. Grab robot, welding robot Exhibits
B025 Tianjin Niright Measurement and Control Technology Co.,Ltd. "Transfer robot " Exhibits
B007 Tianjin Buluainuo Aviation Robot Technology Co., Ltd. Truss integration line, six axis industrial robot process equipment Exhibits
B060-1 De Shin Precision Machine Co.,Ltd/Te Shin Cam Co.,Ltd Intermittent splitter Exhibits
B033-2 Junechen Group Six axis robot, welding robot, automatic plate divider Exhibits
B131 Tianjin Tianyou Automation Co.,Ltd Vibration plate, vibration plate accessories Exhibits
H36-1 Shandong Shengjin Cabinet Manufacturing Co. Ltd Chassis cabinet, tool cabinet Exhibits
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