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Automotive Exhibition

Venue:Meijiang Convention & Exhibition Centre, Tianjin, China

Date:June 19 - 22, 2020

Opening Hours 09:00 – 17:00  (June 19 - 22, 2020)

                                    09:00 – 14:00  (June 22, 2020)

Representative Enterprises:





The fast development of Chinese manufacturing industry has made China become the largest automotive market and one of the most significant manufacture and supply base of automotive. China auto equipment industry has been formed in Shanghai and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei for leading the pattern of the North China and South China.


Located in the center of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area, Tianjin attracts several automotive companies including The Great Wall, Chaalis, Toyota, Volkswagen, GM, Hawtai, Xingma, Irizar, etc. Tianjin is the most vital automotive and accessories manufacture R&D base now.


Tianjin automotive production value is nearly 300 million, vehicle production is 1.5 million units. As TOYOTA locates in Tianjin, 100 Japanese nearby companies and 200 Chinese companies provide upstream services, the industry influence and radiation is immeasurable.


TAMT is the only automotive equipment exhibition in North China, will show the whole supply chain of automotive equipment, integrates brand, technology, trade and marketing to provide a better platform for automotive industry.


汽车.jpgWHY TAMT2020


★Marketing Advantage

As the economic center of China, Tianjin is the most significant automotive accessories R&D manufacture base, plays a directive role of Chinese automotive manufacture industry. Besides, one of the largest port in the world, the largest Chinese automotive distributing center, Tianjin Port locates in Tianjin, the car import accounted for more than 55% of the whole country. Tianjin automotive production value is nearly 300 million, vehicle production is 1.5 million units. The above data indicates an inestimable prospect.


★Visitor Advantage

With a total of nearly thousand auto parts suppliers in North China, the total value of output is between 3 trillion Yuan to 4 trillion Yuan. Exhibition organizer will provide “one-to-one” visitor invitation, CRRC, SINOTRUK, Yutong, BAIC MOTOR CORPORATION, FAW, TOYOTA, Great Wall will be invited to the exhibition. Several match-makings will be organized during the exhibition.


★Concurrent Events

Several events will be held at TAMT2020 including automotive manufacture industrial standard forum, “Made in China 2025” automotive development plan, automotive manufacture process innovation forum, automotive manufacture intelligence production line seminar, the use of 3D printer in automotive and mold industry seminar, etc.


★Media Advantage

-Central Media: CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China New Service, people.com.cn, China Business, etc;

-Finance and Economics Media: China Securities Journal, Shanghai Securities News, China Economic Net, etc;

-Web Portals: IFENG, Sina, SOHU, Tencent, etc;

-Tianjin Local Media;

-Industrial Professional Media: “Automotive Design and Manufacture” “AI Automotive Manufacture” “




Assembly Engineering:

Gear transmission, chain drive,   belt transmission, attachment, electrical transmission, fasteners, springs,   bearings, logistics system, AGV, Three-dimensional library, conveying system,   robot vision, sensors, electrical system, control system and software, Low   voltage switchgear, connector, monitoring, testing, tighten tools, riveting,   hinge, welding, printing code identification;


Machining Process, Materials and Design:

Laser technology, software, tools, machine   tools, truss, surface treatment, polishing cleaning, material and design,   interior parts and components;

Welding Engineering, Robot System   Integration;


Quality control, auto mould engineering, 3D   printing engineering


Stamping, coating engineering,   final assembly engineering

Stamping, stamping equipment,   stamping die, coating engineering, material pretreatment, Coating, filtration   equipment and materials, assembly and engineering, transport equipment,   hoisting machinery, electric hoist, clean room project, high pressure   cleaning equipment, plant ventilation equipment;


Robot system integration,   assembly system integration

Handling/pallet/assembly robot, truss   manipulator, Cartesian robot, manipulator, Auto parts/seat/motor/gearbox/axle   assembly line, electronics/appliances/battery/motor/medical/elevator/food packaging/die   casting and casting/glass/ceramic/brick industry assembly line;

Exhibition to introduce


China Machinery Industry Federation

CCPIT Machinery Sub-Council


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