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Zhenwei Exhibition -- Comprehensive Service Provider of Global Exhibition


Zhenwei Exhibition Group is the largest private exhibition company in china and one of the earliest Chinese members of UFI, founded in 2000, the company has developed into a comprehensive service provider of global exhibition with four business branches---exhibition, media, information and e-commerce business.

Zhenwei Exhibition has organized and hosted about 100 international professional exhibition and events across the world every year , including Britain, Germany, China, USA, France, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia and other parts of the world , relates to petroleum and natural gas, petrochemical, coal, chemical engineering, ocean engineering, electronic battery, equipment manufacturing, industrial automation, robotics engineering machinery, agriculture, environmental protection, energy saving, heating, health care products, imported food, high-end consumer goods, tourism and hotel etc..

Zhenwei Exhibition owns five subsidiary companies--Beijing Zhenwei, Tianjin Zhenwei, Guangzhou Zhenwei, Xinjiang Zhenwei, and Xi'an Zhenwei. Among all the exhibitions of Zhenwei Group, 6 exhibitions have the scale over 50,000 square meters, 9 exhibitions have the scale over 30,000 square meters, and 22 exhibitions have the scale over 10,000 square meters. Beijing Petroleum Exhibition (CIPPE, 100000 square meters) and Xinjiang Agricultural Fair are strongly supported by The Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, and China (Tianjin) Equipment & Manufacturing Exhibition (CIEX) is approved by The Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.


Zhenwei Exhibition Group is awarded as “one of the top-10 exhibition companies in China”, “one of the top-10 influential companies in China exhibition industry”, Deputy-Chairman Unit of China Convention and Exhibition Society, Deputy-Chairman Unit of China Chamber of International Commerce Exhibition Committee.

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