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All visitors to China must have proper documentation to enter the country. The visa process differs by country, so please click here to find the appropriate application from the Chinese embassy or consulate in your region. If you plan to attend as an exhibitor or media, we will provide visa letter assistance. We will also provide visa letter assistance for our IEME speakers. 

If you need more assistance for visa affairs, please contact:


Tianjin Sea View Garden Hotel 

Price: 428Yuan-698Yuan/room/day

Add: No.19, Heiniucheng Road, HexiDistrict, Tianjin. (10 minutes riding to MJCEC)

Contact: Manager Shi +13803098899

Tianjin Jinlihua Hotel

Price: 400Yuan-1180Yuan/room/day

Add: No.32, YouyiRoad,  Hexi District, Tianjin. (10 minutes riding to MJCEC)

Contact: Manager Wang+86-135 0209 4528

Academic Exchange Center Hotel

Price: 269Yuan-489Yuan/room/day

Add: No. 391 Shuixi Road, Xiqing Dist, Tianjin

Contact: Manager Li +86-158 2222 5816