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Where Should Your Robot Go?

China's industrial robot market has a considerable prospect.

President Xi demands 'all-round efforts' for improving AI innovation capability

Chinese President Xi Jinping demanded in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) on Wednesday, by calling the industry an important driving force for the new round of scientific revolution. Presiding over a group study session o

Further Tariff Cuts to Boost Trade, Consumption

Move covers 1,585 industrial products including machinery and electronic devices, textiles, and paper-made commodities The decision to cut import tariffs from the start of next month is expected to reduce Chinas overall tariff from 9.8 perc

Friend Recommends High-efficient Welding and Automation Welding Equipment

Tianjin Friend Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in welding and cutting will exhibit multiple excellent devices at Tianjin International Automotive Technology Equipment Exhibition (Booth No.: B23). Friend will show you the advanced welding,

The Internet Assists Chinese Enterprises in Leading an New Industrial Era

In the middle of 18th century, the innovation of Watt Steam Engine sped up mankind’s civilization progress. UK took the lead in entering into the industrial manufacturing era by way of manual workshop. Since then, “strength, speed and ingenuity”

World Famous Machine Tool Enterprises Keep Participating in

Under the influential of the global economic rebalancing, especially of China’s economic structural adjustment and growth slowdown, China’s machine tool consumer market has changed significantly in recent years. On one hand, the total m

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Dear Visitors: Thank you very much for your support and participation in the 13th China (Tianjin) International Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo (IEME2017). We sincerely hope this notice will help you accomplish your pre-registration.